The story of Stephanie and Jeff started a summer when Jeff went to visit his best friend in Miami. As faith, would have it Stephanie happened to be at the same club with her friends. His best friend and Stephanie had a friend in common which led Stephanie and Jeff to meet. Throughout the night, he could not take his eyes off her. They spent the night talking and laughing, soon enough night came to an end and it was time for them to part ways. Before they left for the night numbers were exchanged.
 Soon after Jeff had text messaged Stephanie, although she was hesitant at first and did take some time to reply. Jeff's persistence and warm gestures soon won her over.  Every day they texted and spoke on the phone for three whole months until they finally were able to see each other again ... at this point there was no turning back. Both knew there was something unique and special in one another, something different from all the rest. From that day forward they were inseparable and so began their love story.


Jeff and Stephanie always take the opportunity to take a summer trip, summer of 2016 sure wasn’t any different. As they planned their trip to Greece he had a secret agenda all of his own, they would go on a sunset yacht cruise while in Santorini. Little did Stephanie know this adventure would bind them together forever. 
The entire day was simply perfection, they started the day visiting different beaches and enjoying the beautiful scenery and soaking in the sun rays. Upon sunset, the most beautiful orange skies appeared and Jeff reached for the engagement ring. Although he had seemed so calm all day (as Jeff usually is) at this point he appeared nervous and proceeded to reach for the Gopro to document the magical moment. 
Stephanie thought he was simply making a video to capture their moments together and was in utter shock and surprised as he began to reveal his love for her, his promises of a lifetime together with her and his want to share his name, joys and tribulations with her for a lifetime. As tears began to well in her eyes she could not think of a more perfect moment, perfect location, or more perfect man to spend the rest of her life with.